Urban art as Russian culture change

“St. Petersburg is a museum city and it’s Street Art Museum, opened in 2014 by father and son Dmitri and Andrei Zaitsev, aims to bring art to city-dwellers far from the center, and to create a cultural space that concentrates on change and movement rather than preservation. “We live in a dead space, built many years ago,” Dmitri Zaitsev told me at the opening of the museum’s annual exhibition in mid-May. “Nothing new has been built in 100, 150 years. It’s as if we’re walking with our backs to the future.”

This year’s exhibit, co-curated by 27-year-old Andrei Zaitsev, is entitled “Brighter Days Are Coming,” a nod to the Soviet utopian promises that often sounded more like threats. The theme is revolution, in honor of the centennial of the Russian Revolution.”

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