Jesper is a great and creative negotiator. He is able to realize the best results for all participants while optimizing his own business objectives. The main reasons he can do this reside in his strategic and interpersonal skills.

The link of grasping the holistic view, while making the personal connection is a true gift in a complex business environment.

Hielke van Trommel, Head of Consumer Business @ Marktplaats

March 26, 2015

Hielke van Trommel

It was a pleasure to work with Jesper and to benefit from his vast knowledge.

He certainly made a diference in my professional life as well as in personal life.

Thank you Jesper!

Dalila Garcia, Business Development Representative na AudiçãoActiva

February 3, 2015

Dalila Garcia

Jesper has a substantial part in my development, namely in my interpersonal skills.

He is an experienced Senior Manager with great skills in innovation, strategy and with a lot of attention to details!

Miguel Bragança, Business Coach at ActionCOACH Business Coaching Franchise

January 16, 2015

Miguel Bragança

Jesper is a calculated risk taker, ambitious and results driven. Someone who gets things done, with a creative thinking and a positive can-do-attitude.

He is a natural leader and a value creator.

Anabela Chastre, Coach / Motivational Speaker /Author “Atitude Certa!”

December 22, 2014

Anabela Chastre

One of the keys for my own success was Jesper’s management, he never stopped believing in me or in his team he souranded him self with. Transparency, result orientation and a very positive attitude towards business would describe Jespers leadership style at it’s best.

When I look back at my time at Inditex I have to say I admire Jesper a bit for taking on the role as Managing Director. Easily one of the most challenging jobs in business.

Would I report to Jesper again, if the oppurtunity would come across? Absolutely!

Sophie Fåhraeus, Export Area Manager, Kasthall Mattor & Golv AB

December 25, 2014

Sophie Fåhraeus

In the conversation with Jesper he inspired to see issue from all ankles and implementing new mind set. He almost demanded his managers to take positive used of the Spanish concept of “contestar”; to discuss matters in a pull-n-push manner, to finally come to a well though consensus.
This brought me up from the operational level of thinking, to a more tactical way.

Ilias Rizos, Manager

August 30, 2010

Ilias Rizos

Jesper was at all times very much on top of the various aspects of the business we did together and has the ability to create a good, relaxed and yet profound and business oriented atmosphere.

Beside that Jesper is always a very positive and helpful person and colleague.

Klaus Sigvardt, CEO & owner at ks retail

June 21, 2010

Klaus Sigvardt

I have known Jesper for over ten years and worked with him in a professional capacity on numerous different projects around Europe.

I have found him to be an intelligent, dedicated, and incisive person. He is motivated by ‘results’ and enjoys the satisfaction that comes from a task well executed.

On a person level he is good company and a pleasure to work with.

David BestInternational Strategy & Marketing Consultant

April 7, 2004

David Best

Jesper’s knowledge and experience in project management and team management skills, combined with a highly positive and encouraging attitude were an example at that time and continue to be a reference for me.

Lourenço de Lucena, aka Mr Smell. Perfume Composer at L’Parfumeur, CEO at BLUG Group and founding partner of UNUBA

December 16, 2014

Lourenço de Lucena