NewCo Portugal is launched

National TV launch interview

It is with great honour and pleasure that I introduce NewCo Portugal powered by MINI and the dream team of Imatch as the event coordinator.

The NewCo festival founded by my long term friend, media entrepreneur John Batelle, celebrates business on a mission as society undergoes the greatest transition since the Industrial Revolution: a shift beyond profit toward purpose-driven business.

As a true fan of my adopted home country Portugal, I am humbled by the Portuguese people’s capacity to frog leap generations by taking a nation in severe economic and financial crisis to a booming start-up and touristic country.

NewCo represent in itself such dynamics and innovation by being a business conference in the format of a music festival with the feel of an open studio event.

Thus, NewCo Portugal hits the right timing with the Websummit 2016 and is fortunate to include 5 Portuguese cities to celebrate and connect the best Portuguese companies to the global NewCo network.

I invite you all to enjoy the incredible spirit of the organisation and host companies, enjoying the festival either as a host company, corporate tourist, investor or job seeker.

So, go there: apply as a host on or buy the tickets now. The places are limited.

See you at NewCo in November and every year again,


Jesper Carvalho Andersen

Founder, NewCo Portugal