Data is the new oil by Janos Barberis

From FinTech to TechFin


When I arrived in Hong Kong slightly over a year ago to build a FinTech Accelerator I knew I wanted to do three things.

  1. To inspire my generation to join or build a FinTech company
  2. To adapt myself to Asia, accepting that financial brands are global but financial behaviors are local.
  3. To embrace the fact that China will lead the world in terms of innovation.

However, I wasn’t prepared to fully appreciate the difference between FinTechand TechFin. To me it was all about establishing a FinTech Hub, developing a FinTech regulatory Framework and measuring FinTech investment growth. Yet when I spoke to start-ups in China they kept telling me they didn’t consider themselves FinTechs, but instead were TechFins. I thought it was splitting hairs and miscommunication but it was more than that. It was a misunderstanding.

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